Time stands still when we think of the past

Thinking of old things, a slow smile comes on the face

Talking about old memories, it seems like childhood comes back again, don't know when that time has gone when we used to be children, now that we have grown up, there is always a burden of responsibilities on our head.

So in the meantime I thought I'd remind you of some old super heroes

We all have read comics in our childhood because before there was no TV, everyone used to have their favorite hero, someone's favorite hero was Nagraj, someone's favorite hero was Dhruv or Karta, someone's favorite hero was Bhukhal or Somebody's favorite hero used to be Doga. What a beautiful moment, I have read comics of all heroes, have you also read comics of Indian superheroes, although there are many superheroes in the world, every country has its own superheroes.

You must have seen the world famous super hero like superman batman spider man, it is the most famous super hero in the world, most talked about in the world. Even though our superheroes are not very famous in the world, still I like them, I still remember whenever there was a new comics, I used to go to the shop first to buy commerce.

And used to eagerly wait for new comics, when a new comics was released and it was not available in our colony, we used to go to other colonies to get that comics.